Why Are Cold Storage Warehouses Becoming Such a Big Thing in Melbourne?

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 Known for having unpredictable weather with extreme fluctuations during the summer, Melbourne is said to experience four seasons in one day. This is a fact that almost everyone, including the residents to the tourists as well as the businesses in Melbourne have come to acknowledge and accommodate. With Melbourne’s unpredictable summer weather, for many businesses having an "ordinary" warehouse just isn’t enough, many need to ensure they have cold storage options. While most food related businesses usually have a cold storage room, if your business is growing, you need to make sure that you have a warehouse that can accommodate the growth. Having a cold storage warehouse in Melbourne can facilitate your business, regardless of the industry you are in. This is a major reason why they are popularly used in Melbourne. Apart from keeping your products fresh in the intense summer heat, having one in Melbourne can help your business in a number of different ways. The following are a few major reasons why having cold storage warehouses in Melbourne is such a big thing and how they can help your business: Great for Perishable GoodsWhether you are a business in the food industry or the pharmaceutical one, you will need a cold storage warehouse for your perishable goods. These are not only products and raw materials with short shelf lives, they are also temperature sensitive. Even in the automotive industry, there are certain oils, brake fluids and more that need to be kept at the right temperature to prevent them from going bad.Storing them at the wrong temperature can mean that they can easily spoil or go bad. With a cold storage warehouse, you can keep your products fresh and in good condition. Even though as perishables these products will have to be consumed soon, they will still be usable if they are kept in the cold storage for an extra day or two.   Adjustable Temperature OptionsOne of the best things about cold storage warehouses is that they come with adjustable temperature settings that allow you to store any product in them with ease. Adjustable temperature settings are needed because different products have different temperatures that they can be stored at. This also gives you the flexibility turning your warehouse into a blast-chiller or even a drying unit at the press of button.Maintaining consistency in air temperature can also play a huge role in improving the shelf life of your perishable goods. This is a requirement for many delicate raw materials, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry. It also means that you don’t have to look for other storage options for different products. With adjustable temperature functions, you can make use of one cold storage warehouse for all your product needs.Customized for Your BusinessJust like you can get a warehouse customized to accommodate your business needs, you can also get a warehouse custom made for cold storage for your business. This is perfect for when you have goods and products that need a more specific storage area. From the area distribution, storage options, mezzanine floors and temperature controls and more, almost every aspect of a cold storage warehouse can be customized to accommodate your business needs.While a custom solution in terms of cold storage might be a bit more costly, it is well worth the cost because of the ease in use it offers. With a customized warehouse, you can ensure that you have a functional warehouse that contributes to your business in a very organic manner. Whether you need one for storage of food products, chemicals, medicine or more, you can get a custom warehouse in Melbourne for cold storage with ease.  Guaranteeing Quality in ProductsAs a business, it is necessary to live up to the promises you make to the consumer. With cold storage options, you can easily do that. Many businesses in the food industry make use of cold storage warehouses for their goods. In fact, this is a major way that they can ensure that the dishes they make have the freshest ingredients possible.Without a temperature controlled warehouse, your goods are more likely to spoil and go bad, particularly in Melbourne’s unpredictable summers. Even if they don’t appear bad on the outside, using them will result in a faulty product. If you want to provide quality in your products, you need to make use of a cold storage warehouse to easily do so.Situated in Prime LocationThe location of the cold storage warehouse makes a huge difference. Ideally, the warehouse should be situated in the middle of your product chain. It should easily reachable from where the raw material is stored and should also be at a distance that allows you to ship your products easily and quickly to the retail outlet. Road accessibility as well as the transportation you have available can also factor in here. Ideally, you should have cold storage trailers as well that can ensure that the product reaches you without experiencing any temperature changes. Too many changes in the temperature can also lead to spoiling of the raw products before they can be used. This can cause a lot of losses for your business so being strategic with location is an important factor. Luckily, you can find plenty of different warehouses situated in all areas and suburbs of Melbourne.  Overall Capacity of the WarehouseThe capacity of the cold storage warehouse can allow you to store large amounts of temperature sensitive products without any worries. If you have an extremely large warehouse that you use for cold storage, you can also divide it into different portions. This option allows you to store various different products, at different temperatures, within the same warehouse.In this manner, you can cut down costs as well as ensure that your warehouse is being utilized to maximum capacity. With a few racking pallets as well as mezzanine floors introduced into the cold storage warehouse, you can effectively ensure that you are able to utilize the overall capacity of the warehouse and save money in the long run as well. 

Why you should make use of mezzanine floors in your warehouse


When your warehouse becomes too cramped, don’t be too quick to start looking for a new one to move to. It’s always a good idea to make sure you are maximizing your available space and one of the best ways in which you can do this is by using mezzanine floors in your warehouse. The best part about them is that mezzanine floors can actually be used for a large number of different buildings.

Mezzanine floorings are liked for a large number of reasons and they aren’t just for warehouses any more. Slowly, over the years, they have also been used by retailers looking to improve store space or add additional room to showcase their goods. As their popularity has grown, more businesses are making use of mezzanine floors, not just because they are popular but because they offer a wide array of features that improve the functionality and storage space of your warehouse and improve the productivity of your business as well.

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5 Things that improve the overall value of your commercial property

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Just like you can improve the value of residential properties in a few simple ways, it is also possible to improve the overall value of commercial properties. Many businesses don’t focus on this aspect when they own the office space they are working in. With core focus on productivity and other business measures, they often overlook this aspect.

On the other hand, if you are utilizing a commercial property with an eye to moving on when your business grows, you can actually benefit by making meaningful changes. With the help of these additions to your property, you can improve the re-sale value you can get when you are ready to move.

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The best locations for a commercial property in Sydney


The location of commercial properties can make a definite impact on the business as well as the growth they experience over there. This is a major reason why big businesses like Apple, Google, Microsoft and more pay so much attention to the locality of their head offices.

Even if you aren’t functioning on such a huge scale, it is a good idea to get commercial property that is favourable for your business. One of the best places for commercial property in Australia happens to be Sydney. In a recent report, Sydney and Melbourne are geared to be the best performing markets in terms of commercial properties. Investors and owners can expect to get the most profits out of these locations over the next five years.

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6 effective ways to cut down costs of logistics and warehousing in Sydney.

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If you want to maximize the profits of your business, you don’t just have to pay attention to the marketing or the product. A lot of the costs of products can be associated with logistics and warehousing. The simple process of taking the products from the suppliers to the consumers can cost billions of dollars each year.

Having an effective system is necessary in order to ensure that you are able to cut down the costs associated with the logistics and warehousing of your products. Whether you are situated in Sydney or anywhere else, you can easily follow these tips in order to ensure that you are effectively cutting down costs while improving efficiency.

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How to build a connected warehouse for your business

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Building a connected warehouse is one of the best ways in which you can optimize your inventory for your business. The first thing you need to realize is that a connected warehouse is developed in a manner which allows you to tangibly keep track of all data within a warehouse. This means data relating to inventory, storage, delivery and more of the contents inside it.

Many businesses don’t account for noting this data properly, which can create confusion and lead to inventory problems and other issues that can seriously hamper your productivity. With a connected warehouse, you can simplify a lot of these issues with ease. Moreover, a connected warehouse is one which is linked not only with the supply chain, but also with the resource planning as well as the customer services of a business.

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How to improve the functionality of your warehouse

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A messy warehouse can spell problems for your business in a large number of ways. The chances of workplace injuries because of a bad warehouse are magnified in this instance. Placing employees at risk can also be a major liability for your business. Every business has a responsibility to provide its employees with a safe environment where they are not likely to face injuries of any sort.

A large number of workplace problems can actually be sorted out by focusing on improving your warehouse. Improving your warehouse doesn’t mean that you get a new one; it just means changing a few core areas to get drastically improved results. The following are a few major ways in which you can improve the functionality of your warehouse with ease.

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3 Major Benefits of Buying Commercial Real Estate in Brisbane


Focusing on the location of commercial real estate plays a huge role in its overall profitability. Based on this factor, certain cities within Australia are favoured more than others. In a national survey, conducted by PIPA – Property Investment Professionals of Australia, data highlighted this factor even more.

While previously, Sydney and Melbourne were considered to be quite the favourites, the survey revealed that in 2017, Brisbane is the location of choice for many investors.

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