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Warehouse design is one of the most complex and crucial elements to a business, requiring a major amount of capital investment. With so many factors to consider that can affect performance, material handling and cost efficiencies, getting a professionally designed warehouse or distribution centre will future proof your return on investment.

Your warehouse design can directly affect the performance and overall success of your supply chain, therefore it is crucial that you get the right design that is optimised for your business and also focuses on maximising your profitability.

At Unistor we design from the inside-out, using best practice design principles that deliver optimized storage solutions that achieve the best balance of space efficiency and productivity. We conduct detailed analyses of all aspects of your business; understanding the flow of materials, warehouse traffic, accessibility of products and space allocations to ensure we deliver a solution that suits your requirements.

Our team have significant experience in warehouse design for a wide range of industries, including packaged consumer goods, automotive, industrial, retail and e-commerce. Our warehouse solutions are tailored specifically for your requirements, and our involvement can range from developing an overall custom-built, fit for purpose solution right through to solving specific work flow problems, or modernising particular parts of an existing operation.

For more information on our warehouse design processes, or to talk to one of our consultants about a tailored warehouse design for your space, contact us today.

Warehouse Design

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